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Brett Davis

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Last October I was completely shattered when my parents rang me to tell me that my mum had been diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 lung cancer. Until then my mum had been in the best of health and was still a relatively young woman.

Thankfully mum was accepted into a clinical immunotherapy trial and is doing well, with positive scan results. Mum is incredibly lucky to have been accepted into this trial and the care she has received has been first class with the treatment side affects being very manageable. However, I have now seen first hand what it looks like inside a cancer treatment ward and our family has been directly affected by the hideous disease that is cancer. i also know that the majority of people are not as lucky as my mum to receive the immunotherapy treatment and be accepted into a clinical trial.

Going dry in July is a very small sacrifice to make to help those people and their families that are affected by cancer.

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$55.00 from Christine Brown

Hi Brett,
Such a wonderful cause and way too close to home with your Mum's experience with cancer, how very sobering for you having to watch her go through that. Wish you and your Mum well and let's hope you reach your target! Warm wishes Christine

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$103.20 from Bruce van Rooyen

Good effort, very worthy cause!

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$206.20 from MKDC

Great work Brett, our team sends support & thanks you for making a difference

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$31.10 from Connor Mudford

Wishing you and your family all the best.

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$30.00 from Liliana Mironova

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$31.10 from Jason Hoskins

Great cause!

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$50.00 from Shane Attard

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$31.10 from Kieren Smith

You are a stronger man than I am.
I wish you and your family all the very best!

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$51.70 from Michael Barr

Great work Brett supporting a worthy cause.

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$55.00 from Dan Covich

Great effort Brett

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