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Andy Slade

$10,362.83 raised

Target: $7,500


Raising Money For

Leukaemia Foundation

Personal reasons. For those who know me, this is no small challenge. For the people we are trying to help, every dollar makes a difference. Get on board guys

Status Updates

Status Update

Zero hour. Half a glass of shiraz left at midnight taken by the missus.

Cuppa and weetbix while we watch the game.

Keep supporting this important cause everyone.

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$103.20 from Andy Slade

Status Update

I'm amazed and so happy that less than 12 hours in and before the long July month begins we have broken the first thousand. True to my word I will add my next 100 bucks.
3 hours til the dry hour!! So up for this.

Please do not be put off by the amazingly generous individual contributions we have had to date (although please keep them coming if you can).

As Bernie Sanders would say '45,000 contributions of 22 bucks is still a mill.'

We can do this together

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$103.20 from Pete Hudson

This I have to see!

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$515.20 from Anonymous

Great charity

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Very late in expressing my gratitude for such an amazingly generous donation. Bless you
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$100.00 from Adam Grilli

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bless you buddy. you know what a challenge it is ha ha. Who chose a 31 day month during the World Cup???? i will not let anyone down i promise
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$103.20 from Adam Tucker

You can do this Andy!!

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thank you so much. this support from each of my amazing network is going to change lives. p.s. Adam.... beers on me in August

Status Update

to clarify for the non antipodeans...

this is not a call to arms for everyone i know to stop for July. That's all me.

i just need support and money for this most worthy cause.

Don't make me quote Jerry Maguire!!!

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Status Update

Conversation with Mrs Slade....
‘It starts in the morning right? As the football is on tonight’
Mrs Slade... ‘it stops at midnight tonight. End of’

Status Update

I will add 100 bucks every time we break each thousand

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