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Andrew Koster

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Royal North Shore Hospital

Most people who know me, see me as a keen and avid drinker, to the point where I have taken up brewing my own beer. Dry July is not an easy feat as drinking has become a hobby.

This will be my 2nd year in a row I am doing this, not for myself, but for those who have been impacted by what is a terrible disease. Not everyone knows, but this time last year I was impacted by cancer in 3 ways.

- I had an old work Colleague who was diagnosed in Feb and passed away in May 2017.
- A close family member of a colleague and mentor of mine had been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.
- My own brother was diagnosed with Cancer.

As you can imagine, what followed was one of the toughest points in our families life, but we held on. With the support of the medical staff within the cancer centre at RNSH as well as our own friends and family, we were strong enough to pull through, and within 9 weeks of being diagnosed, we were through what was the toughest point of this journey.

The key takeaway was that we were exposed to a new environment of what felt surreal, and still does to this day, however there are people who go through this without the same support network that we had.

Anyone who donated last year, THANK YOU! We raised enough money to be in the top 10 team to raise funds for Dry July in 2017, and we want to beat that again. So anyone who gets a chance, every dollar counts.

(Wish me luck)

Status Updates

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$25.95 from Charlotte Wilson

Much loveee

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$25.00 from Patrick Janzen-Brown

All the best ❤️❤️❤️

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$51.70 from Helen Taylor

All the best in reaching your goal! :)

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$25.95 from Poppy Wilson

❤️❤️❤️ can't imagine what it must have been like for you.

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$51.40 from Anonymous

Go get em, tiger! If I see you sneaking arvo work drinks, you're in trouble!

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$0.01 from Peter Ballistreri

No amount too small. Go get em, tiger!

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$100.00 from Marc Washbourne

Good on you Andy - fantastic effort

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$100.00 from Chris McMillan

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$50.00 from Tony Jones

Nice one Kost!

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$25.00 from Abhinesh Kharel

This is such a great cause and I'm honoured to be a part of it. Good luck Kos!

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Target: $3,500.00


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