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The Alfred Dry July Team

$16,666.71 raised

Raising Money For

The Alfred, Melbourne

The Alfred Dry July Team is made up of staff working at The Alfred in Melbourne.

We are excited to be able to participate and go booze-free this July in support of our patients who are battling cancer.

We are inspired by their positive attitudes and determination every day. So for just 31 days we hope to be able to display just a tiny bit of their gumption.

Join us in doing something good for our health and sign up to Dry July or support our team!

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon img 5748 Catherine Shields
Team Leader
Icon image Eleanor Capel $1,258.05
Icon img 6628 Katrina Woodford $1,178.20
Icon image Brigitte Mahony $1,164.70
Icon image Samari Jayarajah $1,003.77
Icon image Kristi Germaine $716.16

Status Updates

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$221.00 from Staff Fundraising

Status Update

We did it! Thanks to everyone who sponsored The Alfred DJs and supported out events. We couldn't have done it without you. Seriously!

The Alfred staff team has raised over $15,000. You should all be very proud of yourselves. You're simply the best!!

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$5,117.60 from The Alfred Staff Team Fundraising

Status Update

Come to the dark side. We have cupcakes! Alfred DJs swapping dough for dough $1049 was made today at the bake sale. Sweet!

Small cupcakes

Status Update

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Congratulations to 'the beauties and the beasts' for their victory in The Alfred Dry July trivia night. Stakes were high, competition was fierce and now the beauties and the beasts can retire to the Victors Village with their spoils. Until next year!

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$20.00 from Cate Rowe

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Thanks so much for donating to the team!

Status Update

You're simply the best! Got some good feels for these ladies, Eleanor Capel and Brigitte Mahony are our top fundraisers at this borderline midway point. Fundraising and not drinking like a boss!

Status Update

Classic food for money fundraising. Today The Alfred DJ's sizzled and raised another $415.50 for our Dry July team.

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$102.60 from Loren Beaber

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Thanks so much for this very generous donation! On behalf of everyone doing Dry July we appreciate it!

Status Update

Be the change you wish to see in the world - Gandhi.