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St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne TEAM

$5,709.31 raised

Target: $20,000

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St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne provides the very best in patient care to people from all walks of life, especially those in need. St Vincent’s is known as the people’s hospital, treating more than 57,000 patients a year. This year we are celebrating saving lives for 125 years.

Our Cancer Centre team make it their mission to provide the very best patient care to all of their patients. The Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit provides specialised treatment to 28 patients a day, both from the metropolitan and rural Victoria and the 6th floor look after inpatients that need further care and cancer treatment.

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon dry 20july 20profile Rebecca Martin
Team Leader
Icon profilepic Jedd Watmore-Tanner $1,734.20
Icon profile 20photo Jessica Watmore-Tanner $950.33
Icon janet 20firth 20 2 Janet Watts $567.18
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 Lyn Amy $552.70
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 Rebecca Orr $403.45

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Status Updates

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$20.00 from Ann Walker

Cheers - Great effort Ned Martin

Status Update

Currently lead by Nurse Unit Manager Jess Watmore-Tanner, this dedicated and devoted team are from the Chemotherapy Day Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Each day, these inspiring staff witness firsthand the benefits of funds raised during Dry July. Patients who undergo treatment for Cancer at St Vincent’s Hospital need your support again this year so please donate via this link or simply click the BLUE button on the left hand side of this page:

Also, a massive thanks to Jess and her team from the Cancer Centre, for all their incredible work caring for Cancer patients and their loved ones who are treated at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

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$31.10 from Janet Watts

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Thanks Janet! You're doing a fantastic job fundraising for St Vincent's! Over $500 already! Well done and keep up the great work...

Status Update

Rebecca McConkey has a very special reason to support Dry July. She is a breast cancer survivor.

Like thousands of other Victorians, Rebecca has committed to Dry July 2019 – she is driven to fundraise for St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne’s Cancer Centre where she spent many hours throughout her treatment.

Rebecca was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2018 and had to undergo a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy at St Vincent’s Hospital.

After discovering the lump, she went to her GP who organised for her to have a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy at St Vincent’s. When Rebecca had the surgery, the medical team discovered her cancer was a bit more aggressive than they first thought. So, it was suggested she do a short course of chemo - which is four rounds across 12 weeks - to mitigate any risk.

When Rebecca meets new people, one of their first impressions is her positivity. She was thankfully able to harness this trait to remain upbeat during the whole process. She did say having the love and support of her wonderful husband, Jochen and her two kids, Heide (7) and Amos (10) helped her to cope.

Rebecca is fortunate to work quite close to St Vincent’s. She did impress staff by riding her bike to the hospital to get her treatment.

When asked about her experience at St Vincent’s Cancer Centre Rebecca said, “The team at St Vincent’s were really great, so caring and helpful.”

Post treatment, thankfully Rebecca is now feeling really good. “Physically I feel ‘normal’, in fact my treatment feels like it was years ago.”

All her follow up tests have been really positive. Rebecca will need to continue to take one of the drugs forever, otherwise there is no long term treatment plan.

Rebecca is looking forward to participating in Dry July this year for the first time. “It’s an opportunity for me to give back to the amazing team at St Vincent’s Hospital who offered me such wonderful help and support throughout my journey as a patient.”

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Status Update

My name is Jo and I am participating in Dry July to prove to myself that alcohol is not a necessity in my life. In fact it makes me tired, angry and anxious and I dislike being tired, angry and anxious.

I have completed Feb Fast and Dry July before but this is the first time I am raising funds for an important cause, the St Vincent’s Hospital. I hope that this will make a difference to people affected by cancer and also keep me motivated and accountable throughout July.

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$30.00 from Meg Uiterwyk

Go Bec and can do it!

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Thanks Meg!
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$31.10 from Nick and Anna

Go Bec! You can do it. Don't get sloshed for a month! Yay!

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I'll try! Thanks guys!
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