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$2,527.62 raised

Target: $2,500


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St George Hospital

Anybody that is close to Jess, Rhi, Rach or I will know how difficult it will be to remain alcohol free for a whole month. We’re all committed to doing it for those who we’ve lost to cancer. We are asking for you beautiful people to sponsor us! All of the proceeds will go to St. George Hospital, where my late Nan received majority of her treatment. The hospital will use the funds to improve patients chemotherapy rooms and overall enhance comfort and care for the innocent people having to endure this horrible disease. Your support is much appreciated!

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon 083490d0 ae25 4609 b6f5 f05596ee6695 Britt Curran
Team Leader
Icon 9f4b3713 1c8f 4a83 86b0 718420fa0c4a Rhiannan Harvey $353.55
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 Jess Robertson $314.50
Icon 47fbb38c 0fc6 4f69 a9ef 14e19196a27b Rachel Preston $274.35


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Status Updates

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$83.22 from Britt Curran

Because I’m so proud of my three best friends.

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$25.00 from Simpson + Garbage Face Taylor

Thought I would donate to the team rather than let Preston's bullying and harassment tactics prevail in an attempt to donate to her directly.
Although you're clearly losing Rachel you're still a winner.
Good luck hombres and keep up the fantastic work!

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$50.00 from Cynthia Tass

goodluck :)

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$103.20 from Mathew McAulay

Well done ladies. More than happy to give to this very worthwhile cause. Anything that improves the comfort, wellbeing or experience for the victims of such a horrible, painful and indiscriminate disease deserves our support.

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$50.00 from Harmony Sparke

I’ll do the drinking for you gals xx

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$41.40 from Kayla Gillett

Pioneers of fine form, keep up the good work guys

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$30.00 from SAPO Team

Great job gals!

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$51.70 from Alice Fresle

Love ya work mate

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$25.00 from Ronda Zeidan

Such a good cause - thank you!

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$50.00 from Megan Robertson

Good luck drunky!!!!!! p.s Your a pippy!