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Let’s get boozefree

$8,071.87 raised

Target: $8,000


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Cancer Council

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Someone we know is affected by cancer.

As you may or may not know, my Mum is battling stage four breast cancer at the moment and is undergoing treatment, which has been tough! Cancer really sucks.

I, along with a band of merry men and women, are going dry this July, not only because of the many health benefits a booze free existence provides, but also as a signal to others that taking refuge in the bottle (like many Australian males do in tough times) is not the right way to face your problems.

I would love you all to join the team.

However, if giving up a red on the couch is just too much to ask, please get behind our team.

Let's get Boozefree!

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Avatar Name Raised
Icon 1e4b1936 3edd 4b2e 8b4e 24143d6f0520 Leigh Holder
Team Leader
Icon baggins Baggins Riley $761.20
Icon profilepic Amanda Willmott $726.45
Icon eacfdd1d c64d 4a0d 8538 84be8764317a Bonnie Doran $552.15
Icon annotation 202019 06 04 20193211 John Di Giovanni $250.00
Icon profilepic Tim Tang $143.67

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Status Updates

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$56.85 from Ellie Blakey

A bit late on the donation..... but well
done for getting through July booze free!

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$30.00 from Brad Fraser

Fckn Good on Ya Mate!!!!

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$31.10 from Susie Christensen

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$56.85 from Hazel Doran

Sorry Im late!

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Thanks Hazel. You legend!

Status Update

Dear team,

As we approach the final throws of the Dry July period, I would like to thank you all for signing up and participating in the team. Collectively, we have raised $6763.82, just shy of the ever increasing target of $7000. Nearly $10 million dollars has been raised across Australia as part of the Dry July campaign.

As we head into the last day of the challenge, I implore you all to have one last crack at trying to get over our target.

Even if we don't get there, it has been a fantastic effort. Well done.

A particular highlight of this experience for me has been the effervescent behaviour of Aaron Riley during the period of the challenge.

Despite a general reticence to the idea of getting off the booze for a month at first, Baggins has not only embraced the concept with poise and grace, but now looks set to take second place honours after manufacturing a fictional mind battle with my cousin Amanda for fundraising dollars. During his time as a sober man I have seen energy levels from Aaron that would make a Jack Russell feel exhausted just to watch.

A quote does spring to mind. I believe Mark Twain originally said it, and it was subsequently and quite aptly scrawled on the walls of the change rooms of the Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club.

.... "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Thanks for jumping on board Aaron, you truly are a small dog with a lot of fight. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by the selectors.

Blondie as always you've outdone yourself. Thanks.

Bonnie your support is unwavering, as always.

Timmy Tang, your desire to catch the ultimate Kingfish appears to have taken over your thirst for a beer (at least for now), again thank you for joining up. Throw your hands in the air if your face is warm.

Didge, Scotty and Gidz - thanks for signing up, while there is always casualties in war. Showing up is a first step to solidarity.



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$123.80 from Nat and Dave

Well done!

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$31.10 from Emma Clayton

Go team! So much awesomeness... especially you... Amanda 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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$257.70 from Scott O’Hehir

“All right, brain. You don’t like me and I don’t like you, but let’s just do this and I can get back to killing you with beer.”
~ Homer Simpson

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$30.00 from Matthew Glassman

I support you Leigh.

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Thanks Glassman

Status Update

Thanks for joining up team!

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