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$5,853.55 raised

Target: $20,000

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We want to raise funds for people affected by cancer

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Icon headshot Sarah Masters
Team Leader
Icon d424cc10 f694 40c0 8b43 b9b44ef078fb Ral Dillon $1,555.00
Icon medical 20meetings 20profiles lr  0041 20  20copy Gay Corbett $660.90
Icon headshot 202 Jennie Courtney $508.75
Icon 5d033c2e f93e 4ed5 b3db 9afb5c676736 James Murphy $496.65
Icon profilepic Daniel Powell $393.10

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Status Updates

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$35.00 from Sue

HI Ral
Good luck I'm know you can do it

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She's a champion!

Status Update

Hello there

I can see from the ticking total that everyone's making a huge effort for which so many thanks! Have a great weekend, and if all else fails, do what one team member's done and actively solicit Golden Tickets.

Get out there in the air, park up with a book, increase your tea collection and have a great weekend.


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$30.00 from Casey Hair

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Thank you Casey!
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$31.10 from Ivor Riesewyk

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Thank you for your support Ivor!
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