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Icon img 2813 Kristi Hope
Team Leader
Icon ap slt headshots wj2 Wayne Josh $4,385.83
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 Tony Bell $1,208.22
Icon bossman gary starr $798.20
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 Graeme Fraser $755.00
Icon dj17 default profile photo  1 David Alm NT $751.83

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Status Updates

Status Update

A big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Dry July. We have raised $19,252.75 as a team! What an amazing effort by all involved.

Don’t forget you have until the end of August to keep fundraising. We’re so close to reaching $20,000!!!

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$30.94 from James Phillips

Our team mate Adrian passed away today 28 July 2017 from his cancer at Mary Potter hospice. His courageous battle for 2 years inspired my commitment to the dry in July.

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We're sorry to hear and we really appreciate your kind gesture James. Your thoughtful donation will go a long way to helping others.
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$168.10 from StarTrack House Bike 'n' Blend Fundraiser

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Thanks for your support!

Status Update

Woo hoo Day 17! We're officially past the half way mark for Dry July. This morning I received an amazing entry to our Dry July Competition from Tammi. "I’ve become the designated driver for my 3 girls (my husband is enjoying a wet July), including drop off and pickup for year 12 formal (oldest daughter Taylor pictured), 2 drop offs to 18th birthday parties, 2 pickups of other teen parties, pickup from boyfriends and pickup from a teenage sleepover that went south (girls ugh!). We’ve had a girl’s night including face and hair masks, hot chocolate, marshmallows and a movie. I’ve swapped my evening alcoholic drink for a half glass kombucha, plain mineral water or herbal tea and I’m sleeping better and I wake refreshed." You're doing an amazing job Tammi and I'm sure your family are ever so grateful!

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Status Update

Good morning Day 13 of Dry July. Helen from Melbourne found time to find her new non-alcoholic alternative. Helen shared "Instead of having wine and cheese on a cold winter’s night, we enjoyed some sparkling apple juice, popcorn and Monkey Magic in front of the fire." Well done and thanks for your entry- definitely looks very warm and cosy!

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Status Update

Happy Day 11 of Dry July! Nick from Brisbane shared 'This Dry July I am spending my drinking away from any place that will tempt me into taking a sip of liquor. This is a snapshot of me hanging out on a typical #dryjuly Friday night at my favourite Bar (Barbell).' What an inspirational example of one of our people living a healthy lifestyle! Thanks for your entry Nick.

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Status Update

Hello Day 6 of Dry July! Today we received this beautiful entry to our Dry July competition. Sharon from Lisarow DF shared the vision she was met with on a crisp Sunday morning during an early walk around the water’s edge where she lives.
Sharon advised she looks forward to enjoying this view on a weekly basis, rising earlier to greet her ‘day to herself’ with a clear head, charged with energy for new adventures and venturing further afield to explore.

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Status Update

Welcome to Day 3 for employees participating in Dry July! I hope participants have started planning new activities for the month that don't involve drinking, or have kick-started some healthy habits just like The Sunshine Plaza Team. We received this fabulous photo from them as an entry to our Dry July Competition. They are 'Stressing Less, Drinking Less and ZENNING more together!!!' Great work Sunshine Plaza!

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$51.40 from David McCallum

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Thanks so much for your support David!
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$50.00 from Heather Henwood

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Thanks Heather!