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Wollongong Hospital is home to both the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre and Oncology/Haematology Inpatient Ward. Our teams provide treatment and support services to patients residing in the Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama regions.
Every year our Illawarra and Shoalhaven teams collectively treat over 65,000 patients.

We are proud to report in 2020/2021 with Dry July funding we;
- Introduced 14 brand new chemotherapy chairs to our Oncology Day Care Unit on Level 1 at the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre ($98K)
- Freshened up walls and stairwell with new paint and installed five large botanical artworks by an Australian designer in the Radiation Therapy treatment space on Level 2 of the Centre ($10K)
- Collaborated with the local Aboriginal community of Coomaditchie who created a welcome themed artwork for our foyer entrance at Level 0 of the Centre. We also introduced new comfortable seating, artificial plants and a patient bookstore under our ‘reinvigorate our space’ project. ($6K)

In EXCITING NEWS, in May 2021, we are launching the refresh of our main reception on Level 2. We take our patient feedback seriously. We have decluttered, changed the layout to take advantage of our view, replaced uncomfortable chairs, painted and improved lighting and much much more. This has been our largest Dry July project to date and we can’t wait for our patients to see and use their new space!

In 2021 we continue to explore suggestions from patients on what they feel would improve their experience. Please support us so we can bring their ideas to life! Thank you

Latest Updates

Smartboards at Illawarra Cancer Care Centre

The Illawarra Cancer Care Centre recently installed smartboards to assist patients with navigating around the centre.

eScape Virtual Window at Oncology Day Care Unit at Wollongong Hospital

The oncology day care unit at Wollongong Hospital was recently renovated, resulting in a new sub-wait area that is completely internal, with no viewing window or outlook for patients, family and carers in the area.

The hospital plans to use Dry July funds to install an eScape digital cinema virtual window in the area to give patients something to distract them from their treatment. Scenes will comprise over an hour of uninterrupted footage of pristine nature. 

Upgrades at Illawarra Cancer Care Centre

Wollongong Hospital is using Dry July 2013 funds for a few projects involving a patient quiet room, patient isolation rooms, and WiFi.

The hospital is fitting out a patient quiet room in the cancer centre to offer a private, quiet area of retreat for cancer patients, family and carers in time of need. The area may be used for family meetings, care planning or to provide a discrete private space where patients and family come to terms with treatment options. Dry July funds will be used to install a luminous virtual window and furnishings in this space.

In addition, two existing patient isolation rooms within the cancer centre will be enhanced with luminous virtual windows. These windows can help distract patients from feeling isolated and assist with relaxation.

The cancer centre is also using funds to offer free WiFi to patients.

Alkira Lodge Refurbishments in Wollongong

When Wollongong Hospital became a beneficiary of Dry July 2011, hospital staff immediately identified the refurbishment of Alkira Lodge as a priority for funds.

Since then, the lodge - dedicated accommodation for cancer patients and their carers - has undergone a transformation.

The walls have been repainted, floor coverings replaced, flat screen TVs have been installed in patient rooms and lounge areas, and air conditioning units have been installed. New kitchen appliances were purchased, the outdoor floorboards and roofing was replaced, and outdoor furniture purchased.

The lodge is now a much more comfortable place for country NSW cancer patients who need to be close to the hospital for their treatment.

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