Dry July Foundation funds Survivorship and Mindfulness Program at Wollongong Hospital

Dry July 2019 fundraising will enable Wollongong Hospital to run a Survivorship and Mindfulness Program at the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre.

After the success of the 2019 Life After Treatment Program, the Physco-Oncology team have identified an opportunity to introduce a Survivorship and Mindfulness program across a 12 month schedule.

The program aims to provide patients with support to address the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of cancer treatment both during and after treatment.

The program will be facilitated by our Psycho-Oncology team and held at community based locations across Wollongong with the intention of linking the program to nature i.e. locations close to the sea or nature thus bringing people together away from the hospital setting.

The program will allow for social networks to be developed amongst patients in a safe and non-clinical setting. 

The programme will be conducted by experienced health professionals offering a range of supportive activities and learning opportunities including:

• Dealing with difficult emotions including the fear of recurrence

• Guidance on goal setting and planning towards post traumatic growth

• Creating supportive relationships and social connections

• Managing stress, fatigue, cognitive symptoms and body image issues after treatment

• Mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

All of these enhance the patient experience in many ways. 

Wollongong Hospital

$42,802.73 raised