Shout Dry July from the rooftops!

Dry July ambassadors shout from the rooftops…literally!

Now that Wollongong Hospital’s $106 million redevelopment has reached its highest point, a group of dedicated ambassadors will soar to the top of building and shout their message from the rooftops ….all in the name of charity.

The volunteers are launching Wollongong Hospital’s 2014 Dry July campaign, which raises funds for the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre. 

Dry July is simple; don’t drink alcohol for the month and get people to sponsor your efforts.

The Hospital’s General Manager, registered participant and ambassador, Nicole Sheppard, said it’s a fun way to challenge yourself while raising vital funds for adult cancer services.

“It’s the fourth time we’ve been chosen as a beneficiary of Dry July, every year it promotes a healthy rivalry amongst teams, family and friends. We hope this year will be our most successful, with the proceeds helping the Cancer Care Centre to further enhance patient services and make the cancer journey a little less daunting,” she said.

Former Miss World Australia, Katie Richardson has also taken up the challenge. The Wollongong Hospital Research Assistant is more than happy to go dry for the month.

“I studied nutrition so I’m very passionate about health and wellbeing. Dry July is not only an opportunity to raise money for a great cause; it also encourages everyone to think about their own lifestyle and alcohol consumption. I’m looking forward to my first Dry July” Katie said.

This year, funds raised during July will go toward cancer service enhancements including making patient treatment spaces more comfortable and enabling free WiFi for patients during treatment.

Director of Cancer Services and Dry July participant, Anthony Arnold, said previous campaigns have raised more than $270,000 which has seen significant enhancements to the care and comfort of patients receiving cancer treatment, and their families.

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