Choices Cancer Care Centre can continue to offer its Gym Maintenance Program to cancer patients

Thanks to the ongoing support from Dry July Foundation, and the funds raised through Dry July 2021, the Choices Cancer Care Centre is able to continue to offer its Gym Maintenance Program to cancer patients who comes to Choices centre.

The Choices Cancer Care Centre provides each participant with a tailored program specific to the type of surgery and treatment they are receiving or have received. Their programs are updated as participant’s progress through their first 6-week sessions and then move into the gym maintenance group sessions for an additional 3 months.

Our specialised exercise physiologist Sarah has shared her experience on the impacts that this program provides,

“This program demonstrates significant physical, social and psychological benefit to participants involved. The program facilitates engagement of exercise in a supportive and safe group environment as well empowering participants to increase self-management and long-term exercise maintenance. Participants report reduction in fatigue levels, reduction in pain, increased capacity to engage in activities of daily living, increased self -confidence, increased global exercise volume and improved fitness. From pre and post evaluations participants have shown significant improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness, global body strength and quality of life. These positive changes, as a result of increased exercise support, can assist in reducing disease burden, mitigating short and long- term side effects of treatment and assist in returning to a prior level of function”.

And here are some additional testimonies that have been anonymously shared with us by our participants:

• “I didn’t know what to expect with the Gym maintenance program, it’s been great because the exercise physiologist has helped so much, she changes the program up for me and works on different aspects of strength and movement. I have a program I can do at home now too. I am back at work and busy but I really feel this gym program is where I feel safe with knowledgeable people who understand my cancer.”

• “It has been great having such a flexible program, I did the initial Gym introduction program and now I’m hooked. I never thought I would be a gym goer but this has really helped my confidence and my body image”.

• I found the program to be of great benefit both mental and physical health. I like the way I can ask questions about all sorts of things relating to my cancer and that my doctor is kept informed.

On behalf of Choices Cancer Care Centre and all the people accessing this program, thank you for supporting Dry July. Your generosity enables us to truly create a positive impact on the lives of people going through or recovering from cancer.

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre