Your Dry July fundraising helps St Vincent's Hospital Sydney support people like Ulrike

"I immensely enjoyed the free group programs at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre made possible by Dry July fundraising.

They were a gift sent from heaven during a very tough time of treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and several surgeries. They not only provided a diversion from the tough treatment but also equipped me with techniques to reduce my anxiety and improve my sleep, and allowed me to see the possibility of a future. Indeed, they greatly contributed to getting me back, mentally and physically, to a state where I could function again for my two little children.

The programs also connected me to other people who were faced with the same difficulties and tough decisions. Suddenly I was not alone anymore and was able to share my experiences and learn from others. After each session, I was already looking forward to the next one, and I was able to practise at home from what I learned in the classes.

I'm very certain that the meditation, yoga and art therapy classes had an enormous beneficial effect on my treatment recovery.

Thank you St Vincent’s Hospital and Dry July.”

St Vincent's Hospital Sydney

$25,913.37 raised