Patient Update: Rob's Story

Rob was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998 and underwent surgery and radiotherapy the same year. Since then, Rob has used a feeding tube, attached to his stomach via a pump which he carries around with him in a backpack. He has not let this hinder his ability to get in to the great outdoors, making sure all his supplies are mobile to suit his active lifestyle. His cancer reoccurred in 2018 and he has been back at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre on a regular basis for further treatment. 

Rob has enjoyed attending the Wellness Centre’s Dry July free patient programs, as he finds them to be extremely beneficial in helping him through his treatment – physically and emotionally. He has experienced oncology massage and reflexology, and has taken part in our Art Therapy and Meditation & Mindfulness group programs. 

He has particularly enjoyed attending the monthly Art Therapy workshops, commenting “it has been a special time for me to be in a group of people who have gone through diagnosis and treatment. Even if we haven't all experienced the exact same things, it's the closest we will get to connecting with others through a shared experience. And it's very different to meeting people on the wards or during chemo, etc. because there aren't family members or friends around so it's okay to let your guard down which is something I almost never do but is SO important.”

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