Making a real difference to the lives of cancer patients

This July, a dedicated group of fundraisers supported St Vincent's Hospital Cancer Centre through the Dry July campaign. This committed bunch raised a staggering $41,000 which will enable St Vincent’s Hospital to purchase a scalp cooling cap for patient’s going through chemotherapy.

The scalp cooling cap reduces the risk of hair loss during chemotherapy. By decreasing the scalp temperature and blood flow to hair follicles, the cooling caps alleviate the damage of chemotherapy.

This new piece of equipment will significantly transform people’s lives living with cancer by improving their self-confidence and dignity during this difficult time.

Along with the scalp cooling cap, Dry July donations will also be used to purchase patient comforts such as warm blankets, hot beverages and massage chairs to make a positive difference by providing an environment that is welcoming, supportive and comforting. 

Thank you to our generous donors who helped St Vincent’s Hospital achieve this significant outcome, ultimately helping to provide the highest quality in patient health care and medical equipment.

St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

$1,342.75 raised

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