St Vincent’s nurse clocks up four years going dry in July

Whenever you meet a nurse from St Vincent’s, one thing stands out: their passion for their work and their patients. Jess Brain, a 6 West Oncology Ward nurse, is no exception. Her passion is infectious!

Jess is channeling this passion to commit to her fourth year of giving up alcohol to do Dry July. But she’s not the only one getting involved. Jess has inspired six of her teammates to join her in the challenge.

Jess says the opportunity to raise funds for her patients inspires her to do Dry July. “I’m happy to make the sacrifice because it means patients get to enjoy items they wouldn’t normally. This is especially important for rural patients who come through emergency because they often don’t even have toiletries.”

Each year, she’s raised around $1,000. This year, Jess is keen to raise the bar and raise $2,000. These funds will go towards funding a music therapist for patients.

“Music brings people together. It’s so nice for patients to forget where they are for a short time and enjoy the music; it’s a beautiful gift to give them. It also helps to lift the team’s spirits.”

Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm will no doubt attract many people to support her. “I have lots of ideas of how to raise money. I will make fun posters with QR codes and ask my team, friends, and family to put them up wherever they can. I love baking, so we’ll hold a bake sale at St Vincent’s, which I suspect will be very popular because nurses and doctors generally love a delicious snack!”

Four is the magic number. Not only is it the fourth year Jess will be doing Dry July, but it’s also her fourth year as a nurse at St Vincent’s.

“I love working at St Vincent’s; I want it to be my forever hospital. Most of our patients are gravely ill, so we must face some very serious situations and a fair amount of sadness. It’s a tough job, but we do it well. Everyone works together and is kind to each other.”

Jess said she often uses wine to cope with difficult days, so giving up alcohol for a whole month is a genuine sacrifice!

She will need to lean on her other outlets to cope. “I’m a candle queen; I always have at least three candles lit. Taking my dog for a walk through the bush is a great way for me to calibrate. And, of course, cooking! I’m going to cook up a storm this July!”

Click here to hear from Jess on why you should sign up for Dry July.

Support Jess as she goes dry this July. Individuals and workplace teams can sign up.

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