Your fundraising for Dry July will assist St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne to purchase comfort items for cancer patients

We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support we received this year. Your Dry July fundraising will go towards improving the experience of patients being treated for cancer at St Vincent’s Hospital.

The St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Dry July team members did a fantastic job making a sacrifice, while seeking donations through sponsorship from their friends, family and extended networks.

Your fundraising for Dry July has assisted St Vincent’s to purchase the following items:

• Christmas decorations for Cancer Centre, 6th Floor Oncology Ward

• Newspapers for CDU & 6th Floor Oncology Ward

• Fresh Flowers CDU

• 2 x WIFI Connex Spot Monitor, NIBP, Covidien, PRO 6000

• 3 x T688 Chemotherapy Treatment Chairs

Our wonderful staff members from the Chemotherapy Day Unit and the Oncology Ward are sincerely grateful for the support received from the Dry July campaign. These dedicated and passionate staff witness firsthand the benefit patients receive from the items that can be purchased with Dry July funding. This would have not been possible without your support. 

St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

$53,620.78 raised