Hazel Bennini's Story

Hazel Bennini was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2016. Thankfully she is now officially in full remission.

Hazel first noticed something wasn’t quite right when she returned from an overseas trip in 2015. “I noticed a lump in my neck in October. Following some tests I remember my doctor called me at 7.30am on Christmas Eve morning to tell me to head straight to St Vincent’s for a bone marrow test. That’s when I found out the cancer had become very aggressive.”

Hazel underwent Chemotherapy from January to May. It was a very difficult time but she credits the staff at St Vincent’s Hospital’s Cancer Centre Chemotherapy Day Unit for helping to ease the burden.

“The staff were absolutely fabulous, very caring. There’s a lovely lady who comes around with a great chocolate cake in the morning, they really look after you,” Hazel said.

Hazel who is 90 years young is thoroughly enjoying her clean bill of health. She still has to visit St Vincent’s every month but not for chemo. She now receives a boost for her immune system via the infusion of a blood product.

Hazel lost her beloved husband Melbourne fashion photographer, Bruno Benini, in 2001 so the outgoing widow views her trips to St Vincent’s as more of a social visit than a procedure.

‘I’ve become really friendly with a lot of the staff so I enjoy going in to see them,’ Hazel said.

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