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Trevor Shewan loves to keep fit. Even at 70, he manages to cycle 40kms at least three times a week.

In 2014 Trevor visited his doctor because of an eye infection. His GP sent him to have a blood test that resulted in a myeloma diagnosis. ‘The first bit of good luck was my GP referred me to Haematologist, Associate Professor Hang Quach, at St Vincent’s Hospital,’ Trevor said.

A/Prof Quach started Trevor on a six month treatment journey to lower prepare him for a stem cell transplant in February 2015. Following the transplant, Trevor was put on a maintenance program.

‘Things were going well until I started to experience a form of ‘peripheral neuropathy’, which caused my feet and legs to become numb, and was very painful. Then when I relapsed three years later A/Prof Quach recommended I go on a clinical trial,’ Trevor said.

Trevor recalls he started on the trial at the end of May 2018. ‘The last two years have been good, my numbers are down and they’re staying down. I am lucky to have such great staff at the cancer centre who help make the two days each week much more enjoyable than it would be otherwise.’

Trevor credits diet and fitness as some of his best medicines! ‘I’ve always enjoyed exercising. It seems to really help because it enhances my blood circulation.’

As well as dealing with his own three weeks on, one week off a month treatment, Trevor is also his partner Irma’s carer.

‘Irma has a brain tumour but we’re managing. She has carers during the day while I’m having my treatment.

‘Having this condition is a bit of a wakeup call about how fragile life is. There’s no such thing as a sure thing. I have to face uncertainty every month when I get my results. I’ve been lucky to have had six years to value friendships and hopefully there will be many more,’ Trevor said.

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