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The Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre is located in Nowra, NSW. Our teams provide treatment and support services to patients living on the South Coast, NSW. Every year our Illawarra and Shoalhaven teams collectively treat over 65,000 patients.

Latest Updates

Patient services at Shoalhaven Cancer Centre are supported thanks to Dry July 2020

We are extremely grateful for your fundraising efforts and dedication. With your help, $18,157 was raised!

These funds will go towards patient accommodation improvements, development and printing of patient education resources, and not to mention our ongoing Dry July funded programs and initiatives!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.

Dry July 2019 campaign supports patients at the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

Thanks to funds raised through the Dry July campaign in 2019, the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre has been able to fund the following projects:

• Wellness Activities including Yoga, Tai Chi and massage 

• Art and our community: Commission of local indigenous artist to produce bespoke artwork for the centre

• Enhancements to Patient Accommodation: Purchase of comfort items at the Shoalhaven Cancer Accommodation Centre - iPads, Coffee machines, pots, pans and sandwich press

• While You're Here Project: Magazine subscriptions and entertainment packs for children

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre receives a grant from the Dry July Foundation

We're proud to announce that Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre has received a grant from the Dry July Foundation 2018 Grant Program.

The grant will go towards the following: 

• “While You're Here” project: providing patients with reading materials and activities to distract and occupy them while waiting for appointments or during treatment

• Virtual Reality Patient Education for Radiation Therapy Patients, allowing patients and their carers to see how radiation works, what it will do to tumours, and what the treatment will look and sound like

Local Support = Local Patient Benefits

Sign up to Dry July on Wednesday 13 June at the event being held in the Foyer at Wollongong Hospital Foyer!

Projects funded from Dry July 2017

Thanks to funds raised from Dry July 2017, Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre have been able to fund:

- NEW magazines throughout the patient spaces in the Centre  

- Children’s Creativity Packs for children accompanying adults to appointments

- 2018: Living Well After Treatment Workshops

- Music delivered via iPad and speaker, while patients undergo Radiation Therapy treatment

- Colour me Calm Mindfulness Resource Kits for Chemotherapy patients

- Welcome to Cancer Services video for patient viewing (in development)

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