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The Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre is located in Nowra, NSW. Our teams provide treatment and support services to patients living on the South Coast, NSW.

Every year our Illawarra and Shoalhaven teams collectively treat over 65,000 patients.

We are proud to report in 2020/2021 with Dry July funding we;
- Beautified the garden at the entrance to the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Accommodation Centre. ($3K) Check out the before and after pics here:

- Printed 700 radiation therapy patient education books. This print run included male pelvis, prostate and lung. ($10K)

- Upgraded patient amenities at the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Accommodation Centre. ($7.5K) Find details here:

- Installed TV brackets and wired and installed bedside reading lights in every room in the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Accommodation Centre. ($8K)

In 2021 we continue to explore suggestions from patients on what they feel would improve their experience. Please support us so we can bring their ideas to life! Thank you

Latest Updates

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre receives a grant from the Dry July Foundation

We're proud to announce that Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre has received a grant from the Dry July Foundation 2018 Grant Program.

The grant will go towards the following: 

• “While You're Here” project: providing patients with reading materials and activities to distract and occupy them while waiting for appointments or during treatment

• Virtual Reality Patient Education for Radiation Therapy Patients, allowing patients and their carers to see how radiation works, what it will do to tumours, and what the treatment will look and sound like

Local Support = Local Patient Benefits

Sign up to Dry July on Wednesday 13 June at the event being held in the Foyer at Wollongong Hospital Foyer!

Projects funded from Dry July 2017

Thanks to funds raised from Dry July 2017, Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre have been able to fund:

- NEW magazines throughout the patient spaces in the Centre  

- Children’s Creativity Packs for children accompanying adults to appointments

- 2018: Living Well After Treatment Workshops

- Music delivered via iPad and speaker, while patients undergo Radiation Therapy treatment

- Colour me Calm Mindfulness Resource Kits for Chemotherapy patients

- Welcome to Cancer Services video for patient viewing (in development)

Dry July events in the Illawarra for Dry July 2017 - and meet Schoo-nah!!

Each year we approach the campaign with a light-hearted and positive attitude to help staff, patients and their families to get on board with Dry July. Here are some photos of our events to promote the campaign in 2017.

Our plans for Dry July 2017 funds.

Each year we work incredibly hard to raise funds through the Dry July campaign. Have you been wondering how this year’s donations might be spent? Our ‘Bright Ideas’ patient survey campaign, showed a trend for three focus areas which have been categorised as follows:

Introduction of Living Well With and After Cancer Treatment programs, which aim to assist people who have completed their cancer treatment to help enrich their quality of life and take the care of their mind, body and spirit.

 Reinvigorate our space. Our patients have told us that more pleasant waiting areas, the introduction of visual and digital arts and improved refreshment facilities would be a welcome addition to regular appointments throughout treatment.

 Develop the While You’re Here initiative that will provide a series of creative mediums for patients and family members to use during treatment or while waiting for treatment. This includes art and craft spaces, daily newspapers, magazines and the availability of technology to listen to music or browse the internet.

 There have been so many incredible ideas added to our Wish List for this year’s fundraising. We cannot wait to bring them to life!

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