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By choosing the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network (which covers Royal North Shore, Hornsby, Ryde and Mona Vale Hospitals) as your beneficiary, you’ll be supporting people with cancer who visit our centre for treatment from across NSW.

In 2019, the Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network hopes to continue its “Patient Wellbeing Program” which supports patients and their loved ones affected by cancer across the Northern Sydney region. This essential program supports wellbeing before, during and after cancer treatment.

The program includes:
• Help to manage the side effects of cancer treatment, such as hair loss, through our Wig Library;
• Quick access to financial assistance to help with the costs of treatment;
• Relaxation and meditation classes;
• Supportive care with the treating team that they know and trust.

Your generosity will help ensure our patients have ongoing access to quality local support. We treat people from all over NSW and rely solely on donations to provide these important programs.

We need your help to keep them going so please sign up for Dry July in 2019 and choose Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network as your beneficiary!

Latest Updates

Dry July 2013 at Royal North Shore Hospital

NSCC at Royal North Shore Hospital is using support from Dry July 2013 to fund:

inpatient care packs

fresh flowers

show bags (for patients’ children)

refreshments for patients

chair bed recliner

clothing bags

wig library

camcorder (for recording patient stories)

library replenishment

book case

iPad cases

men’s health sessions

DVD players

Patient Beeper System

Dry July funds have enabled RNSH to purchase a beeper system which allows our patients flexibility when waiting for their appointments. These systems enable patients to check in for their appointments and leave the waiting area if they’re early or there is a wait.

Ideally, cancer patients and their carers arrive for their treatment appointments on time and been seen on time. Unfortunately due to the best efforts of cancer centre staff, there are occasional delays.

The beepers allow patients to be at ease in knowing they won’t lose their appointment if they leave the area and can visit the cafe, go for a walk, or sit outside instead of sitting in the stark and sometimes uncomfortable waiting areas. Staff will activate the beepers to notify the patient to return to the waiting area shortly.

Royal North Shore Hospital installed the system with funds from Dry July in 2012.

iPads for Patient Use at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre

What a hit these have been with our patients! Hundreds of hours of treatment are given in our cancer centre each year, and this last year our patients have been thankful for the opportunity to read, watch videos and stay in touch with their loved ones while receiving treatment. 

Welcoming Patients to the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre

Dry July funds have been used for fresh flowers in the cancer centre’s main waiting area and colourful artwork in the main corridors. The paintings were done by a cancer survivor and former RNSH patient. Patients often comment on the difference such simple items can make; the hospital would not be able to afford these comforts otherwise.