Wig Library

Royal North Shore Hospital uses Dry July funding towards replenishing it's free Wig Library. The Wig Library is situated within the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre as part of the Cansupport Program. Patients are provided with a personalised wig fitting either by dropping in or by appointment.  

The service is an important part of the support program provided by Cansupport and assists patients in managing hair loss associated with treatment. The service is mainly used by women; however, there is increasing demand from men.  

Cansupport staff and volunteers provide the service which includes education on wearing the wig, care of it as well as emotional support. A range of turbans and other headwear is available also. These are kindly donated by local groups for women to take home. 

- The Wig Library has on average 78 wigs on loan at any one time.

- The average period of use is 7 months

- The Library currently stocks 250 wigs.

- All borrowers are provided with a wig care kit which includes a wig stand, shampoo and revitalising mist, a wire brush and care instructions. Gorgeous handmade fabric bags are kindly produced and donated by the Northbridge Quilters for borrowers to take their care kit home in.

- Upon return of the wig, each one is professionally cleaned before being returned to the Library ready for use.

- All new outpatients commencing chemotherapy are provided with an education session and tour of the centre which includes a visit to the Wig Library and education from a Cansupport volunteer about the service.

View a video about the service here: https://youtu.be/DXQZ3eXcGz4.

Northern Sydney Cancer & Palliative Care Network (based at Royal North Shore Hospital)

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