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One of the PA Research Foundation’s key focus areas for Dry July 2019 is the establishment of the PAH Cancer Wellness Initiative.
The PAH Cancer Wellness Initiative aims to develop services in Queensland where people with cancer are enabled, nurtured and empowered to access evidence-based support at a time and place that works for individual needs.
The ultimate aim is to create a Wellness Space within the PA Hospital matching the interests of patients to programs to support their treatment and journey. The Wellness Space will be a retreat for all people with cancer and their families at the PA Hospital. The first stage of this initiative is to provide access to activities such as cooking classes, yoga and gym and to build on our Virtual Wellness Portal.
The Virtual Wellness Portal provides comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program matching patients interests and needs to local health providers and community groups. At present, the Virtual Wellness Portal:
• Links with established Patient Reported Outcomes to provide education to cancer patients about various wellness related topics
• Promotes wellness pilot programs being trialled at the Princess Alexandra Hospital
• Provides links to patients for appropriate wellness activities in their local communities
Help us to achieve our goal of developing the Cancer Wellness Initiative to enrich the lives of cancer patients within the PAH, and Queensland.
The cost of implementing the next stage of this initiative will be close to $75,000, so every bit of support you can contribute is greatly appreciated!

Latest Updates

Patient Comfort at PA Hospital

The PA Hospital in Brisbane has 77,000 patient visits annually receiving radiation treatment. The hospital will use money from Dry July to install 2 data projectors in each of their 9 radiation treatment rooms to easy patient anxiety and provide a more comfortable experience.

In addition, the hospital is using funds to purchase a further six scenic cubical curtains to be installed in cancer services wards for patient therapy and comfort, and a stainless steel water cooler for patients to access while waiting in cancer services for appointments. 

New Curtains for Patient Rooms at PA Hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane asked patients what the hospital could do to make their treatment more comfortable, and one of the common responses was to put up some art in common and patient areas to make it feel less clinical.

Funds from Dry July have gone towards wall art and curtains in walkways and wait areas of the day treatment area. They are causing a lot of excitement throughout the hospital and many other departments want to follow suit!

Entertainment for Patients at PA Hospital, Brisbane

Dry July funds were used to purchase several tablets for day oncology patients to use during their treatment (and connect to Dry July funded WiFi). Chemotherapy treatments can take up to 6 hours, so having something to use can help make the time go a little faster.

Funds were also used to purchase six large flat screen televisions with free to air access for waiting areas in the day treatment ward, to give patients something to do while waiting for their appointments.

WiFi at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

When Princess Alexandra Hospital asked cancer patients what they could do to make the cancer services unit more comfortable, the resounding reply was ‘WiFi’.

PAH is using Dry July 2013 funds to provide wireless internet in the oncology units at Princess Alexandra Hospital and at the South Brisbane radiation oncology service (which PAH operates). Now, cancer patients can access the internet to stay in touch with family, work, study, and for entertainment, while having inpatient or outpatient treatment at PAH.