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There's never a good time to be diagnosed with metastatic cancer, which is incurable, but when that diagnosis comes in your 30's it's especially hard.

Luise Gordon, 38, hasn't had it easy but she believes that the diagnosis has helped heal her. While she has to undergo treatment for the rest of her life, she's determined to make the most of it. By the time a patient is diagnosed as metastatic, they can have seen up to 80 medical professionals, which is why having the constant support of her McGrath Breast Care Nurse, Sam, has helped create a sense of stability in Luise's life.

COVID-19 has thrown additional challenges in to the mix, with border closures preventing Luise from spending time with her family from Queensland for much of the past year, including Christmas.

The diagnosis

This part of my story isn't too happy. It was the end of a shitty, abusive relationship and after my bumps and bruises went away I realised I still had another lump under my arm. It's one reason that I missed it even though it was the size of a golf ball and was very tender.

It all started three years ago, and I just knew. My mum had breast cancer five years before me and my grandmother had it as well. We hold theCHEK2 gene, it's not so much a breast cancer gene as just a cancer gene. Mum and Nan both recovered, they went through regular treatment and are fine, so I expected that too.

Read Luise's full story here: https://www.dryjuly.com/2021/luises-story 

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