Linda's Story

"When I got home from surgery, Fi would come to see me, check my drainage and make sure it was all good. She never left me alone, she made sure I was OK mentally, physically and had no infections. It makes you feel pretty safe, even though you're recovering at home rather than in a hospital."

When Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, she found solace in the support from her McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse, Fiona. From assisting with travel arrangements from her hometown in Cooma to treatment in Canberra, to ensuring Linda was well supported physically and emotionally throughout her cancer journey, Fiona's support has proven to be invaluable.

"Even now, Fi is always, always around. She's not just a nurse to me, she's more like a friend. Everyone needs someone like that, to help get them through cancer."

Your fundraising from Dry July 2020 has allowed McGrath Foundation to employ 8 new Breast Care Nurses around Australia so that people affected by breast cancer can feel safe and supported from the moment of diagnosis. πŸ’—

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