McGrath Foundation receives additional grant from Dry July Foundation

We're pleased to announce that McGrath Foundation has received an additional grant from the Dry July Foundation October grant round.

This grant will enable the continuation of a Mildura-based McGrath Breast Care Nurse Louise James.

Louise has said, “I provide support to people with breast cancer and their families, coordinating their care and unpacking medical jargon so that each person understands what is happening. I give people time. Time to understand their diagnosis, time to decide on the right treatment for them and time to appreciate their timeline.

I’m also incredibly passionate about breast health understanding and encourage people to get to know their bodies so that they know what is normal for them.

Thanks to the support of the Dry July Foundation, McGrath Breast Care Nurses, like me are able to continue to provide vital support to people with breast cancer and their families.” 

McGrath Foundation

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