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It’s a heartbreaking reality that one in two Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime—meaning each day around 70 Queensland families are blindsided by an unimaginable cancer diagnosis.*

Cancer has a significant impact on our loved ones which is why Mater has been providing the community with leading cancer care services for more than 100 years.

By going Dry this July you will be supporting people living well, beyond cancer.

Approximately 4,000 women are diagnosed with female-specific cancers in Queensland annually. Treatment is so successful that 80% of breast cancer and ~70% of gynaecological cancer patients are alive ten years later—but survival also entails living with the detrimental side effects of treatment. These effects can impair physical and psychosocial wellbeing, and they confer a significant risk of developing other chronic conditions.

However, through exercise, good nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management and psychosocial support, these women can achieve good quality of life, reduce risk and flourish in their usual social and work roles. These studies demonstrate that the Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program (WWACP) improves quality of life and reduces treatment-related chronic disease risks in these women through targeted lifestyle management.

Your support through Dry July will allow us to implement and evaluate the WWACP as standard practice after treatment, Queensland-wide, across Mater. The e-enabled program can be delivered irrespective of the woman’s geographic location; therefore, these benefits will apply equally to rural, regional and metropolitan patients of Mater.
The WWACP should mitigate the considerable personal and social costs of treatment experienced by women with early stage female-specific cancers at all Mater facilities. The program should enhance participants’ quality of life, reduce their risk of preventable treatment-related chronic conditions, and enable women to self-manage their risk effectively.

Together we can make a difference for these women and support them living well, beyond cancer.

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Latest Updates

Art Therapy Program

Mater Cancer Services Day Oncology unit in Brisbane has used funds from Dry July towards an art therapy program.

Art therapy is used to help patients manage physical and psychological issues by using creative activities to express emotions. It provides an outlet for people to address emotional conflicts about their diagnosis and treatment, and express feelings that they may not be able to speak about out loud. The process of producing art can also be a relaxation tool for cancer patients. Trained art therapists guide patients through this therapy.

Massage Chairs

A massage chair can help a cancer patient feel just that little bit more relaxed in between treatments. This complementary therapy helps to relax the body and move the muscles.

Mater Foundation has purchased several electric lift chairs and treatment chairs for the comfort of cancer patients.

Chemotherapy Diaries at Mater Hospitals

Mater Foundation has been able to offer free diaries to patients with funds from Dry July.

Patients use these diaries to track their treatment in a personalised binder. The diary provides patients with a resource to store contact details and other information about their treatment in one place. They can then take these diaries with them everywhere so they have ready access to update them at any treatment sessions.

Blanket Warming Cabinets

A warm blanket can provide comfort during a patient’s treatment and recovery; they can help to relax patients in a busy hospital setting.

Chris Leon from the Mater Foundation in Brisbane says, “The cabinet is important because we use it not only to warm up blankets, but also to warm up heat packs. The heat packs are used to warm up patient’s veins before they insert a cannula or IV. The heat warms the veins, making them more prominent and ensures that staff won’t miss the vein they are targeting, which in turn, makes it more comfortable and painless for the patient.”

Similar popular purchases include ice machines, coffee machines, and vending machines for oncology wards and waiting areas. It’s relatively small things like these that can make a big difference to adults undergoing cancer treatment.

Refurbishments at Mater Adult Hospital

The Mater Foundation has used funds for refurbishing palliative care rooms and patient waiting areas. New furnishings include TVs, lounges, and side tables.

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