Music Therapy Program at Mater Cancer Care Centre

Music therapy (MT) services at MCCC commenced in April 2015 following philanthropic support of Dry July and other donors, with the introduction of individual and group programs for patients (and their families) receiving cancer treatment. The first year of this innovative program focused primarily on providing information and raising awareness of music therapy services and establishing systems and processes to ensure effective delivery of MT services.

This inaugural program provided supportive sessions designed to address the psychological, emotional, social, physical and physiological needs of patients throughout their cancer journey. Additionally staff and patient education has also been provided to raise awareness and understanding of the MT program and its role alongside other allied health therapies in cancer care.

Dry July funds will support the next stage of the project with music therapy continuing within MCCC and expanding to inpatient oncology wards (where MCCC patients are receiving treatment).

Mater Cancer Care Centre, Brisbane

$1,485.40 raised

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