Berlinda and Music Therapy at Mater

Mother of one and early childhood teacher of 24 years, Berlinda, has shared her story on the positive impact Music Therapy has had on her journey with brain cancer.

Suffering from double vision in October 2015, Berlinda was referred to an optometrist, followed by an ophthalmologist, where a MRI revealed that a brain tumour was in fact the cause.

Berlinda went on to undergo brain surgery to have the tumour removed and has since had 17 months of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, as well as a number of other smaller surgeries.

Six months ago, one of Mater’s occupational therapists suggested to Berlinda that she might benefit from taking part in Music Therapy at Mater Cancer Care Centre. Since then she’s been participating every two to four weeks.

“I was quite excited to try music therapy from the start, I was interested in what it would be like and how it could benefit me, and it really is just fantastic.”

“We do lots of different things in music therapy, like playing instruments and singing songs. It’s amazing how different the lyrics can be when you sing them, compared to your memories from childhood.”

“Sometimes I feel anxious and music therapy helps to calm me down, it helps me to feel as though I can achieve anything.”

“I also enjoy a beautiful connection with my music therapy teacher; I really enjoy being around Kylie and her calming influence.”

“We have done many different activities in music therapy so far and are currently working on writing a song. The song is a reflection on my cancer and what has happened to me.”

“Cancer is extremely common; so many people are affected by it or touched by it. I urge everyone to get behind Dry July, because even a little bit of support means a lot to people like me.”

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