Your impact on Cancer care at Mater

Thanks to your support through Dry July’s generous donation, Mater has been able to provide the very best in comprehensive and integrated healthcare for people living with cancer.

You have enabled Mater to provide a specialised Music Therapy Program for some of the 5900 people who come to Mater for cancer treatment each year.

Mater Cancer Care Music Therapy Program : A reality thanks to Dry July’s gift.

It has only been with your wonderful support that Mater was able to introduce a brand new Music Therapy Program to the Mater Cancer Care Centre in 2015. The program, which involves one on one sessions between patients and therapists, was hugely successful in the first year, being well received by patients, families and staff alike.

Music therapy addresses the psychological, emotional, social and physical needs of each individual patient as they navigate through their cancer experience.

Each music therapy session is personalised, offering the chance for the cancer patient and music therapist to address a range of needs. Patients and their families are supported with self-expression which helps with their mood, anxiety and depression; choice and control; relationships and support systems; life satisfaction, non-verbal communication; symptom management and relaxation.

In 2016, thanks to your further generous donation, Mater’s Music Therapy Program was able to continue in the Mater Cancer Care Centre and the service was expanded to include the inpatient oncology wards.

Your support means that the Music Therapy Program was able to expand from 26 to 31 hours per week, meaning more patients now have access to this important and invaluable service.

“It’s important to give our patients the opportunity to tell their story through music and to reflect on what they’ve been through. Music therapy is a creative and positive way to acknowledge what has happened and to think about our hopes for the future.”

- Kylie, Mater Music Therapist.

So thank you Dry July supporters, for your generous support in continuing to fund this valuable program which provides therapeutic relief, joy and welcome distractions for many cancer patients at Mater.

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