"Return to Wellness Program" at Mater Cancer Care Centre receives funding

Funds raised through Dry July 2019 will enable Dry July Foundation to fund the "Return to Wellness Program" at Mater Cancer Care Centre.

The Return to Wellness Program will give high-risk breast cancer patients access to a guided exercise program with a Physiotherapist and Breast Care Nurse, each providing guidance and support.

Patients having treatment for breast cancer can feel isolated from their family and community due to treatment effects. Physical activity in patients requires motivation and support, and instruction in a supported evidence based setting. The Wellness Program's aim is to improve the overall wellness in the body. 

Exercise during treatment has shown to reduce side effects of treatment (related to chemotherapy) and improve outcomes for cancer recurrence risk. Exercise and wellness after breast cancer treatment is an area highlighted by Cancer Australia as a focus area. Patients completing treatment benefit from exercise and support as they return to normal life after a serious diagnosis and treatments.  

There are many misconceptions in our community about diet & exercise and weight loss generally - treatment for breast cancer can add a layer of complexity and leave patients unsure what they can do.  

The Wellness Program will provide the forum to walk patients through an evidence based exercise program, healthy eating during and after treatment and opportunities to interact with the group to highlight key topics of interest and support for this patient group. 

Mater Cancer Care Centre, Brisbane

$404.10 raised

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