Dry July Foundation provides new equipment at Mossman Hospital

Thanks to 2018 campaign funds and a top up grant from the Dry July Foundation Queensland, 3 important pieces of equipment have been purchased for Mossman Hospital that will make patients lives a little more bearable.

A blood analyser, the iStat , allows nurses to conduct point of care testing for most emergent injuries and illness, and removes the usual frustrating delay associated with having to send bloods to Cairns which would result in a wait for over 24 hours to receive the results.

A bladder scanner, which is a non-invasive diagnostic tool, and when considering the number of invasive procedures cancer patients endure this will be one less; 

A Progressa 585 bed and mattress. This bed has positioning and air cushioning features, percussion and vibration, passive rotation, sit to stand functions that help control pain, enhance the quality of sleep and life; and makes caregiving for patients easier.                        

Small progressa
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Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation

$19,756.70 raised