Dry July funds continue the Art and Music Therapy Program into 2019

Funds raised by supporters of the Concord Cancer Centre will be used to provide art and music therapy classes for survivorship patients, who attend the CRGH survivorship cottage.  

The music therapy program offers a range of musical experiences with the focus on listening to music, and creating music by singing and playing simple instruments. The music is generally improvised and involves playing simple rhythms and melodies in the way that offers a rich and fulfilling experience both for the individual and the group as a whole. To participate, no previous experience or music skills are necessary. The sessions provide a number of known benefits including;

- creative outlet for patients

- goal oriented focus

- social interaction

- improved symptom control

- enhanced mental wellbeing

Additional funds enabled the purchase of a roho pressure mattress that has been added to the palliative care equipment loan pool for the district, and recliner chairs for patients with pressure care and seating needs.

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Concord Cancer Centre

$30,428.16 raised