Artist in Residence at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

An integral part of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse complementary therapy program, Arterie supports a holistic approach to cancer patient care through an innovative participatory arts program. Arterie’s mission is to improve outcomes for patients, families, carers, staff and visitors by easing the side effects of cancer and its treatment as well as providing a therapeutic distraction from treatment through art engagement and participation.

Dry July has helped with funding the Artist in Residence program at Arterie. The current program consists of the following: 

9 Day residency over 3 weeks making a variety of art forms

• August 2016 - Mary Burgess Weaver - ‘The Joy of Silk’

• October 2016 - Penelope McKweown + Annabel Mason, Sculptors,

‘The Happenstance Journey’

• December 2016 - Michael Bogle - Book binding

• February 2017 Lynne Sung - Paper artist ‘The Reef’

• April 2017 Helen Gauchat - Painter - Landscape acrylic painting

• June 2017 - Ro Murray

• AIR sit in the foyer of Lifehouse - its a high public and traffic area - with a performative nature of the art process. Most artists work slower than they imagine end work in their own time on the project that in most instances is gifted to the hospital.

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

$7,832.43 raised

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