Carterie Program at Lifehouse

Part of the complementary therapy program at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, the current Arterie 'Carterie' program consists of the following:

• Mobile Art and Craft studio - Delivered Tuesday Wednesday Thursday to wards and waiting areas. Each day between 1-5 Carteries are in use (volunteer dependent)

• Arterie provides approx 45 volunteers per month to the Lifehouse Program

• All Carterists are trained artists - with formal qualifications in art, design, art therapy, social science etc.

• Various art and craft packages are on board the cart and prepared by volunteer ‘pit-crew’

• Projects vary from traditional textile crafts such as embroidery and knitting to collage, colouring-in and assemblage

• All members of the Lifehouse community from patients, staff, volunteers and carers are welcome to participate.

• Projects are often installed in public areas of the hospital adding a level of satisfaction, fulfilment and pride to the participant. Arterie artworks are installed throughout the hospital.

• Pictured - Carterie celebrated International Womens Day - making and wearing all things pink.

• Carterie projects make a difference to people with cancer - it is a welcome, meditative and often fun activity to help fill the many hours that are involved in cancer care.

• The project is evaluated in the process of delivering - sitting and engaging with the Lifehouse community; and in the end results - dozens and sometimes hundreds of each small project. Sometimes these are displayed and installed in the hospital, at other times the patients takes the completed project.

• Carterie projects are constantly evolving, Potential projects are researched, designed and trialled for suitability + fun. Projects are discontinued after a certain period to ensure the projects are fresh and exciting for the long term participants.

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