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Cancer Council Tasmania is a state-wide, not-for-profit service provider with centres located in Launceston, Hobart and Ulverstone. Cancer Council Tasmania's mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer on all Tasmanians through advocacy, education and support and information for those affected by cancer.

CCT delivers a number of key services including, psycho-social support, complementary therapies, educational programs, educational resources, financial assistance and transport2treatment.

Support us through Dry July and help us fund projects such as improving our support centres and purchasing new transport2treatment vehicles. Our work could not be achieved without the generosity of the Tasmanian community and the support of our dedicated volunteers. Over 90% of funding is by public donations and bequests.

The Daffodil is our symbol of hope - when you donate to the Daffodil you can be assured that all funds stay in Tasmania to support Tasmanians.

(Pictured above: CCT Community Engagement Officer Lisa Fleming)

Latest Updates

Cancer Council Tasmania receives a grant from the Dry July Foundation

We're proud to announce that Cancer Council Tasmania has received a grant from the Dry July Foundation 2018 Grant Program.

The grant will go towards the following: 

• Mindfulness Program to enhance physical, social and emotional wellbeing and support relationships of people affected by cancer

• Nutrition Program: 6 nutritional workshops for people in cancer survivorship and their carers

• Art Therapy program for young adults aged 18 - 25 year who have been impacted by their own diagnosis or through the cancer diagnosis of a significant other

• Pilates for Cancer Patients at Northern Cancer Support Centre, Launceston

• Upgrades to Southern Cancer Support Centre to provide a more conducive, practical and comfortable space for education, training and support programs

Exercise Physiology program for Cancer Patients in Treatment

Thanks to funding from the Dry July Foundation, Cancer Council Tasmania are able to offer 30 - 45 cancer patients with individualized exercise physiology programs to assist them while they are undergoing cancer treatment. Exercise therapy has been shown to be safe and effective in improving lower body strength, functional mobility, physical performance, fatigue and quality of life in people diagnosed with a number of different types of cancers. This program aims to reduce the side effects of treatment for patients and help them maintain strength and mobility. 

Other programs funded include providing Mindful Self Compassion programs to cancer patients in Devonport, nutrition workshops for people after cancer treatment in Launceston and Hobart and Art Therapy for young people to assist them deal with grief and bereavement. These programs are essential in assisting Tasmanians be as healthy as they can be during and after their cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

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New Cancer Support Centre

Cancer Council Tasmania are delighted to have had Her Excellency the Governor of Tasmania Kate Warner officially open the new Cancer Support Centre in Hobart in May 2018.

Being able to provide an inviting space has long been a major goal for all those involved with Cancer Council Tasmania. It is now a reality with the help of fundraising and support of Dry July. 

The Centre, like the one in Launceston, is modelled on the Maggie’s Centres in the UK. Maggie herself knew what it felt like to receive a cancer diagnosis and wanted a place to feel at home where she could talk and find out more how to deal with her situation.

Penny Egan, CEO of Cancer Council Tasmania explains `At CCT we recognise the importance of supporting people during and after their cancer diagnosis and equally importantly, providing support and assistance to family members and carers who often have similar but different needs.’

Being able to provide an inviting space has long been a major goal for all those involved with Cancer Council Tasmania. It is now a reality with the help of fundraising and support of Dry July.

Cancer survivor Louise Elliot knows how important a safe haven to escape to during the tough times is. “I truly feel that a place like this is like a haven. It is somewhere you can go where cancer isn’t a word that people shy away from, because it’s a really scary and confronting thing. It feels safe here, you feel that people understand you, you’re free to be honest with how you are feeling, you don’t have to edit yourself and it’s just good to know that you’re not alone,’ explained Ms Elliot

Cancer Council Tasmania’s new Southern Cancer Support Centre not only provides a place to learn more, pop in and ask questions, seek support, be fitted for a wig from our wig library but also take part in some complimentary therapies like yoga and mindfulness and oncology massage.

This is an exciting new chapter of what is available for all Tasmanians impacted by cancer and only the beginning of what we are wanting to offer.

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Dry July Funds new Transport2Treatment vehicle

With thanks to Dry July, Cancer Council Tasmania was able to expand our (small) fleet of Transport 2 Treatment vehicles. This no cost to client service will enable clients to get to either vital medical appointments or to visit our new Southern Cancer Support Centre to attend workshops, support groups, complementary therapies, information sessions or be fitted for a wig.  

We recently asked some of our clients about their experience. Here is what they had to say 

‘Please keep doing what you do. It was a real lifesaver for me when I needed it.’ Mark

`Just a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ Ann

To not have to worry about transport and be supported by such considerate, empathetic and discreet and reliable group of drivers makes the turbulent road of cancer treatment smoother.’ Em

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John's story

Funds raised from Dry July directly benefit many Tasmanians impacted by cancer.

Dry July funds have continued to provide safe and reliable vehicles for use in Cancer Council Tasmania’s Transport to Treatment Program (t2t) across the state, helping a large number of people get to their cancer treatment appointments each year.

One person who has seen the benefits of this service in a number of ways is volunteer driver John McClea.

When John’s wife was suffering lung cancer, he was unable to drive her to treatment due to the demands of running his small business; making it difficult for him to get away. Prior to her death from lung cancer, John’s wife utilised the t2t program to find transport to her treatment appointments.

“The service was so wonderful”, John said. “The drivers would make sure she was Ok and it gave me such good peace of mind to know she was being so well looked after”.

Not long after her death John was also diagnosed with cancer and overall has had three diagnosis’, Prostate Cancer , Melanoma and Merkel Cell Carcinoma. John was also driven to his treatments by the t2t service and says he wouldn’t know where his life would be without this service.

John now gives back by being a t2t driver himself. “This is so rewarding, because I feel I can really help people when they need it so much during their treatment. To be able to be driven by people who understand is so helpful for patients. Not having to find parking and drive in the traffic yourself when you are so sick and tired from treatment makes a huge difference”, said John.

For more information about Cancer Council Tasmania’s t2t program, visit

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