The Lionel and Joan Smith House

The generous support of Dry July will contribute to the refurbishment of the Lionel and Joan Smith house in Orange. The first of its kind in Orange, the house was kindly bequeathed to Cancer Council NSW by Joan Smith in 2017. Once refurbished, it will provide much-needed accommodation for cancer patients and their families, enabling them to stay together during treatment. Some families will need to stay at the house for up to 6 weeks at a time, travelling to Orange from as far as Bourke.  

Refurbishments will include essential painting, landscaping, and the installation of safety features to ensure the house and backyard meet health and safety standards. Dry July’s invaluable support will also contribute to the purchase of furniture to accommodate families comfortably, during what can be a very difficult time.

Featured in the photo from left to right are Ricky Puata (Cancer Council NSW staff), Alison Byrne (grand daughter of Joan Smith), Lorraine Miller (daughter of Joan Smith) and Terry Smith (son of Joan Smith). 

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Cancer Council NSW

$187,382.03 raised