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As WA’s leading cancer charity every day we're working to support families, prevent cancer, and save lives. From funding life-saving cancer research to delivering state-wide prevention programs, advocating for change and supporting WA families affected by cancer, when they need it the most, every minute, every hour, every day we’re striving towards our vision of cancer-free future.

By going dry this July and fundraising on our behalf you’ll be helping us to continue providing our vital 13 11 20 support service for all West Australians affected by cancer. 13 11 20 is a confidential cancer information and support phone line run by our experienced Cancer Nurses. It’s available to those affected by or concerned about cancer and works to connect West Australians with relevant support, information and resources.

In the last financial year 8,501 calls were received by our Cancer Nurses via 13 11 20. However, our latest estimates show that by 2040 the number of Australians with a personal history of cancer will increase by 72 per cent to 1.9 million. This means in the coming years, our services, like 13 11 20, will be needed more than ever before.

As a not-for-profit, non-government organisation we’re reliant on community donations to continue providing this much-needed service for the WA community. By fundraising for us this Dry July you’ll be helping us to continue supporting WA families affected by cancer. We can’t do what we do without you.

Latest Updates

Transport 2 Treatment, CCWA

Transport 2 Treatment is a free service offered to country patients staying at CCWA's Crawford and Milroy Lodges.

Due to the increased demand for transport to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, CCWA have used a portion of their Dry July funds to purchase a new Transport 2 Treatment van.

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, patients will be provided with free transport to appointments at the hospital or other treatment facilities.

This means that guests who do not have access to a vehicle, are too unwell to drive, or find driving in the city overwhelming, can use this service to decrease the stress associated with treatment or appointments.

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Shade covers at Crawford Lodge

Cancer Council Western Australia's Crawford Lodge offers dedicated accommodation for cancer patients and their carers who need to travel from rural and regional areas in WA for their treatment in Perth.

CCWA have used some of their Dry July funds to install shade covers over the walkways at the lodge. This will enable patients to get to and from their rooms and other lodge facilities without having to walk through the rain or strong Western Australian sun.

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Cancer Council WA's Crawford Lodge theatre room officially opens

Country cancer patients at Cancer Council WA’s Crawford Lodge in Nedlands now have a place to relax, recline and enjoy a movie or some live music thanks to a new multi-functional theatre room built with funds from Dry July.

CCWA Chief Executive Officer, Susan Rooney, said the funds raised from Dry July have enabled some very exciting additions at the two lodges, particularly the theatre room at Crawford Lodge.

“This is a wonderful room that will allow up to 20 guests to relax in a comfortable environment and unwind and watch a movie, listen to some acoustic music, or perhaps take in some live sport on television,” Ms Rooney said.

The room includes sound proofing, reclining chairs, surround sound system, screen and stage and lighting. 

As well as the theatre room at Crawford Lodge, there were a number of other improvements to the lodges which were made possible:

•    a covered walkway at Crawford Lodge was built -  where guests previously walked outside the main building and along a short path to access their rooms, this domed cover now enables them to get to their rooms without having to walk through cold, rain and winds;

•    ceiling fans were installed at Crawford Lodge and Milroy Lodge - this gives the country patients staying at the lodges an alternative airflow option to air-conditioning during the hot summer;

•    mattresses were replaced at Milroy Lodge -  the existing mattresses at Milroy Lodge were seven years old, and were replaced with high quality durable and more comfortable mattresses; and

•    WiFi and Skype were introduced at both Crawford Lodge and Milroy Lodge - Skype-enabled computers and printers for guests were purchased to use at the lodges; tablets and WiFi were bought to enable guests to communicate with family from the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.

Ms Rooney said the changes will make a significant difference to the guests at both lodges.

“We appreciate the support of everyone who went dry in July to help these additions become a reality. They’re directly helping nearly four thousand country cancer patients who stay in our two lodges each year in Perth while they undergo treatment,” Ms Rooney said.

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Ceiling Fans at Cancer Council WA's Lodges

Cancer Council Western Australia used Dry July funds to install ceiling fans in guest rooms at Crawford Lodge and Milroy Lodge in Perth. This gives the country patients staying at the lodges an alternative airflow option to air-conditioning during the hot summer.

New Mattresses for Milroy Lodge, Perth

The primary aim of Cancer Council Western Australia’s Crawford Lodge and Milroy Lodge is to support people with cancer by providing accommodation for regional patients. The existing mattresses at Milroy Lodge were 7 years old, and Dry July funds helped replace these with high quality durable and more comfortable mattresses.

Some research has indicated that people coping with cancer are at significantly higher risk for sleep disorders than the general population. Lack of sleep contributes to fatigue, and can increase the risk of developing depression for people coping with cancer. So new mattresses will assist in providing a more comfortable nights sleep for our guests.