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As WA’s leading cancer charity every day we're working to support families, prevent cancer, and save lives. From funding life-saving cancer research to delivering state-wide prevention programs, advocating for change and supporting WA families affected by cancer, when they need it the most, every minute, every hour, every day we’re striving towards our vision of cancer-free future.

By going dry this July and fundraising on our behalf you’ll be helping us to continue providing our vital 13 11 20 support service for all West Australians affected by cancer. 13 11 20 is a confidential cancer information and support phone line run by our experienced Cancer Nurses. It’s available to those affected by or concerned about cancer and works to connect West Australians with relevant support, information and resources.

In the last financial year 8,501 calls were received by our Cancer Nurses via 13 11 20. However, our latest estimates show that by 2040 the number of Australians with a personal history of cancer will increase by 72 per cent to 1.9 million. This means in the coming years, our services, like 13 11 20, will be needed more than ever before.

As a not-for-profit, non-government organisation we’re reliant on community donations to continue providing this much-needed service for the WA community. By fundraising for us this Dry July you’ll be helping us to continue supporting WA families affected by cancer. We can’t do what we do without you.

Latest Updates

Transport to Treatment for Peel and Rockingham Patients

Peel and Rockingham cancer patients can now get to treatment more easily with Cancer Council WA launching a dedicated transport service in March.

Operating from Cancer Council WA’s Mandurah and Rockingham offices, the service provides safe, convenient and comfortable transport for patients undergoing radiotherapy at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Elaine Young, Cancer Support Coordinator for Peel, said the service will alleviate stress for patients who normally have to drive to and from treatment. 

“Driving long distances in heavy traffic can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort,” said Ms Young.

“Our new transport service will allow cancer patients to relax before and after treatment so they can focus on getting better.

“It also takes the burden off friends and family who often have to help out when patients are too sick to drive themselves.”

The service is driven entirely by passionate volunteers who live in the Mandurah and Rockingham areas who are keen to help out members of their community.

“After we put a call out for volunteers we had a flurry of calls from local residents who were more than happy to give up their time, which shows the terrific generosity and compassion of our community,” said Ms Young.

The purchase of the vehicle was made possible by using funds raised by Cancer Council WA supporters who took part in Dry July.

The service officially commences on Tuesday, 15th March and operates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The van for Peel and Rockingham is pictured here alongside the (Dry July funded) vehicle that supports the Midland region.

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Fitting out new rooms at Cancer Council WA lodges

Cancer Council WA Lodges provide accommodation for country cancer patients when they come to Perth for treatment. Demand for this accommodation reaches near full occupancy throughout the calendar year. Unfortunately some cancer patients are turned away each year due to capacity restrictions and have to find alternate lodgings.

Cancer Council WA recently moved to new offices in Subiaco. Office space at both Crawford and Milroy Lodges has become vacant, offering up an opportunity to convert this available space into much needed additional accommodation facilitates for cancer patients.  

Funds from Dry July will go towards fitting out new rooms at the lodges, enabling more patients to utilise this service in the future.

New Carpeting and Drapes at Crawford Lodge

Cancer Council Western Australia is the recipient of a grant from the Dry July Foundation which will go towards purchasing and installing new carpets and drapes at the Crawford Lodge in Perth.

These refurbishments will help brighten up the Lodge and make guests, their carers and families a little more at home.

Kitchen Renovations at Crawford Lodge, Perth

One of the many services Cancer Council WA offers guests at their Perth Lodges is access to a fully functional kitchen for meal preparation. As many guests stay for six to eight weeks whilst undergoing their treatment, having a home cooked meal can be very comforting.

The four communal guest kitchens at Crawford Lodge are currently over 14 years old and need to be upgraded with new bench tops, electrical hotplates, ovens and range hoods. Similarly, the kitchens in the three family units also need to be upgraded. Dry July funds from 2014 are going towards these renovations, to enable guests to prepare their meals in well-functioning facilities.  


The kitchens have now been upgraded!

Small before after cancer council wa lodge kitchens

Armchairs at Crawford Lodge

Cancer Council WA are using some of their Dry July funds to purchase armchairs for their patient accommodation rooms at Crawford Lodge. 

This will improve their guests comfort and experience while they stay at the lodge and assist in making the rooms feel more of a home away from home.

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