Roberta embraces Life Now Yoga program funded by Dry July

10 months since Geraldton resident Roberta Ralph was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the 45-year-old has said she’s ready to curb the disease by taking a class she’s never done before — yoga. The mother-of-two said the cancer was caught at a regular breast screening in April of last year, and since then she has been determined to improve her health through exercise. 

“I was very lazy before I was diagnosed, but then my mum’s health went downhill and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed about five years after starting regular breast screenings. I was really lucky, they only found a small lump, the cancer hadn’t spread everywhere and since it was found early, I didn’t have to go through chemo or radiation or any of that. I still get pains though, in the joints of my hands and hips, but the after-care at Geraldton Hospital was just fantastic and my friends and family have been very supportive.”

After beginning a fitness regime, which involved walking between three to five kilometres twice a day, Roberta has now decided to take on more exercise with other recently diagnosed cancer patients.

“I’m hoping to meet other people, so we can talk and bounce ideas off each other. This particular program is open to people with any type of cancer.”

Geraldton Cancer Council’s Life Now Program will run two classes of general exercise and yoga, beginning in late February and late March. These programs have been made possible with the help of funds raised during the 2017 Dry July campaign.

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