$272,870 RAISED
Mary-Anne Gryllakis donated $500.00
Cheryl Emery donated $52.20
Sharyn Brown donated $52.20
Noel W Bowden donated $41.80
Graham Robinson donated $500.00
Carol Robbie donated $21.00
Naoko Nakao donated $60.00
Ashlee Keys donated $35.00
Julie and Ron Witton donated $20.00
Lorraine Rice donated $130.20

How to take part in Dry July

Dry July is a free fundraiser that challenges you to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

1 - Sign-up to the challenge

Sign-up to the challenge

Step 3 - Megaphone

Ask family, friends and workmates to donate to you

Ste 2 - Wine bottle and glass crossed out

Go alcohol-free in July

4 - Heart between upturned hands

Help people affected by cancer.

The countdown is on. Dry July starts soon!

The benefits of taking part in Dry July

The best part about taking part in Dry July is that you’ll be raising funds to improve the comfort, care and wellbeing of cancer patients, their families and carers.

On top of that, you’ll also experience some great health benefits such as:

Illustration of a lightning bolt in white with yellow dashes on a blue circle

More energy

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Improved mental health

Illustration of a trophy in white with a yellow star on a blue circle

Sense of achievement

Illustration of face with yellow sparkles on a blue circle

Healthier skin

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Better sleep

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Clearer head

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Where does the money go?

Funds raised through the Dry July campaign are distributed to local and national cancer support organisations across Australia. These organisations provide invaluable services to people affected by cancer – from a lift to a life-saving appointment, guidance from a specialist nurse, connection to an informative voice, access to therapy programs or a bed close to treatment.

Everything we fund benefits the cancer patient and their families and carers. We aim to make a difficult time a little easier for people affected by cancer.

Read more about our beneficiaries

Donate to a Participant or Team

Go Dry this July

Go Dry this July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

This is why we Dry July.

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